“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Friday, August 19, 2011

New to Bogota

I've been in Bogota for almost a month now - wow! What a place!

We were put up for a week in the Hill House Hotel in Usaquen -- a great place to stay! Carol and I had the 7th floor - spectacular views over the city from both sides. 

For the first few days we were still under the illusion that this was a warm place and dressed in summer clothing. We froze! I can remember looking around at people and thinking how over dressed they were -- I guess the honeymoon hadn't worn off yet. I am rarely out of my cardigan now! I scoffed at having to wear shoes at school instead of sandals, although I do live in my jandals otherwise.

Anyone who ever laughed at people pulling their socks up - well that's the uniform here! In true teenager style, the girls skirts are also the shortest I've ever seen. It does amuse me when they're holding onto their bums as they walk up the stairs because anyone behind would get a full viewing!

We spent the first week looking at apartments -- talk about driving around and around town! It was great to get to know the cedritos district! I have found a great townhouse with 3 floors -- huge but worth it for the two afternoon-sun balconies!

Furniture shopping! What a mission. Have you ever tried to buy a mattress in a language you don't speak? I was regaled with hards and softs and expensives and cheaps and supporting and firms. Explaining queen (extra-doble), and cheap was a challenge!

I love Colombia because...
people are knowledgable about politics and aware of current events
people are well dressed
people are confident, and have energy in what they do
I feel welcome