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Monday, July 31, 2006

Pictures from the Orkneys

Here are a selection of pictures from the Orkney islands--they're from both dad's and mine, and between us we've clocked up a huge amount!!

Here we are having arrived at the airport. We're still wearing shorts and t-shirts, but those disappeared at the first opportunity. It was so cold after the heat in the rest of Europe. Apparently, they'd had sunny days until we arrived! Oh, well!

This is us in front of the B&B we stayed in. A lovely old parish house--very cosy!

The church in Kirkwall, St. Magnus Cathedral. The changes in rock colors were superb, and it was massive considering the population of the Orkneys.

Here we are climbing amongst the Earl's Palace ruins, just across the street from St. Magnus's. This was a pretty neat castle house, but the guy who built it was a typical rich jerk!

This is the charming little Italian chapel, built by prisoners of war who also built the causeways connecting the islands during World War II. The artists have since returned to do a touch up job of the magnificent paintings inside.

Evidence of the talent of the artists--everything looks 3D but is actually just painted on the inside of the barrack type walls.

Andre and I beside one of the massive megaliths of one smaller stone circle.

Mum and Dad at the Stenness Rock Circle.

A nice family photo, also at the Stenness Rock Circle.

Okay... I have another 11 still to post, but the computer's being a jerk and rejecting half of them and I've been sitting here almost 200 minutes and have heaps to do before I fly to Yangon tonight. I will try and post them from Myanmar, but if I can't, then you'll just have to wait.

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