“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Getting a bookcase

I finally got a bookshelf this weekend, but it was a huge episode. It was from the library at the Alliance Français, who were replacing their library shelves and selling the old ones for $20. The French teacher Julie’s sister in law works there and knew about it. First we had to go out and hire a truck to transport the bookcase, but then she forgot how to get to the Alliance Français and had to go back to her appartment for the address. We got there okay, truck in tow, but discovered the shelf was enormous! Still, I felt obligated to get it anyway because we had the truck already and they’d reserved it for me. We got it here, to the Grand Mee Ya Hta hotel, then it wouldn’t fit in the service elevator, so I had to pay $8 to have it carried up to the 7th floor, then the hotel measured it and decided it wouldn’t fit through the narrow entryway, but I asked/begged/pleaded with them to bring it up anyway. It fit, alright, but the doors on the bookcase meant that it was overbalanced on one side and wasn’t able to stand up by itself! What a disaster! So I unscrewed the hinges and took the doors off and it’s much better, but have wired it to the one hook that the hotel has on the wall just in case. It looks lovely, but both Julie and I had a complicated day to get it!

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