“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Sunday, December 03, 2006

2 weeks and counting...

... till I am curled up on a deck chair reading under the cool breeze of the Indian Ocean and the warm "winter" sun above Myanmar, looking out over undulating waves of crisp, clear blue water! Only one actual weekend, as this one's now over, but in that time, things will be incredibly busy. Exams to write, then later mark and get the grades in. Ugh. Christmas parties and other birthdays, events, etc! It'll be fun, no doubt about it!

Ngapali beach for 4 days, then the parents arrive, sadly without the bro in tow. We're whirlwinding around Myanmar then I'm hopefully off to NZ for Hayley and Stu's wedding. It'll be on me before I know it! Just discovered I'm also going to be in Brisbane for the end of Jan for a uni school (just a week). Would love to catch up... who's there these days?

Spent around $80 on fabric on Sunday. It seems I've celebrated my decision to stay in Myanmar for another year (our decisions were due on Friday) but jumping right into the tailoring madness. Fun fun fun! 4 dresses already on order. Yay!

Had a yucky night last night--was sick with some unidentifyable Myanmar disorder and was up all night in the loo. It's strange how routine something like that becomes. All in our stride... take my charcoal tablets that a friend got me clued into from Singapore, and my rehydration salts (which, ironically, no pharmacy in America had ever heard of!) and I'm back up and running today (though considerably weaker). Had to miss rugby :( but so it goes.

Well, must go do some work actually writing exams. I have the excuse that my body was healing all day so I didn't do any work, but somehow that won't fly with the kids tomorrow asking exactly what's on the exam when I had the whole weekend. Oooops.

Anyway, happy holidays to all!

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