“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Monday, April 02, 2007

Worldwide blogs

Have spent hours this evening having good surf. Blogs mostly. Not quite sure where it started, but managed to travel all over the world. Visited Morocco, Afghanistan, East Timor, a kiwi in Brussels, and other fabulous places. There really are so many amazing people of my generation (and others) in the world. We're all out there leading our lives quietly.

One blog in particular was amusing so I wanted to share it:

It's from a woman living in Afghanistan. Her blog address is http://ahmt.dk/

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The story about the generator
Sometimes this country trips me out! Well actually every day! Even after being here for 3 years there are things I just never learn to understand. Here is a great example;Thursday our generator at the house started acting weird… It shut down without any reason so we called the service people who came out and told us that the load was too much… We couldn’t understand it – We have been running it just fine with the same load for the last months, and then all of a sudden the load was too much!? We turned off heaters, and water heaters and different things – but it still kept acting weird… But it ran and it worked… Then Saturday morning the Generator just wouldn’t start again. We called the service people who came out and once again told us that the load was too much… Stu – one of my housemates – started a search all over the house and then finally found a wire going through the guard’s room through to the neighbour house. There was also a cable running across the street to another neighbour house… Stu of course yanked the cable out the wall and cut the line to the house across the street. Then he started the generator and went back to work.A few hours later the generator died again… We called the service people – they came – cleaned the fuel filter and it still ran like poo… So Stu went on another tour around the house, back to guard’s room and guess what! The cable to the neighbour house that he had yanked out earlier was now put in again!!! So naturally he cut the cable again…Told the guards that NOBODY could enter our house etc etc10 minutes later we had half the street knocking on the door COMPLAINING that they had no power!!! I am not kidding; they actually came to complain that we had cut them off our generator. … It turned out that one of the neighbours is actually the Landlord – (which also explains why the guards would let him in) so of course he felt EXTRA entitled to the free power – and told us that if we didn’t want to give him electricity we would have to move out!They all stood there complaining… telling us how they only had 1 lamp and 1 TV plugged in! Oh man, this was insane! They just could not see anything wrong with what they had been doing!In a normal world I would assume that anyone who had been steeling power from someone else and then got caught would think; “Ooops! It was nice as long at it lasted, but now it is over and I guess I will have to pay for my own power myself!”.But these people!!! These people really feel entitled to use our generator and get free power!!! They thought that WE where wrong for cutting them off! Maybe something went really wrong when I was brought up – maybe it is just me… I just do not understand how this can be a right they really feel they have…Maybe this explains last month’s $2000 fuel bill!

Here's another one:

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kabul (international) Airport
Kabul Airport is such a trip! … A trip before your trip.Last time I left, I had to go through the usual search routine – which basically means that the search-lady grabs your boobs – and try to steal half the stuff you have in your purse. "Chocolate? Oh – you have 2 pieces – you are only allowed to have 1! Cigarettes… Give me Give me!" Last time I had a Tampax in my purse – so of course the search lady had to take my Tampax out… look at it for a VERY long time… not understanding at all what it was she had in her hand. She asked me what it was, and I tried to explain to her – but she didn’t really copy. After a while she wanted to peel the plastic off – and I started to get a little bit desperado… So I had no choice but to show her in a very graphic way where this weird cotton-thing was meant to go! She gave it back to me very quickly!


Rama said...

Wow. Free power. That'd be nice.

superkimbo said...

Just found your blog - I'm also an international school teacher (in KL right now, but I'm moving to ISB in Bangkok in July). I love meeting fellow international school teachers :)

Natalya said...

It's a great life, certainly!