“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Right now, things are different in Yangon. Tense. The internet has been banned for over a week, and there is still a curfew. There are multiple people still missing/arrested/detained/being mistreated. There are reports that those detained are not being fed, are all living in stadiums or race tracks or other non-detention facilities because normal facilities are full. Rumors abound. Fear is everywhere.

Right now I am on the outside, but once I'm back, that's it. No more communication with the outside world. Meanwhile the world debates briefly, then forgets about it. I didn't see it on the news once while in America, and while the immigration person knew what was going on, most were oblivious.

Where is this going?


Rama said...

I concur with the lack of media attention in the States... I wonder if it's because people just assume this is normal in that area of the world, so it's not "news"... depressing thought.

Hope you're doing well (if you ever get a chance to read this!).

echobunn said...

I remember seeing splashes of it on CNN while I was at the gym - but hardly anything on the network stations during the local news.

Hope you're doing ok


Natalya said...

On facebook:
Jaime Beck: Natalya, firstly, be safe! I will be thinking of you and hoping for your well-being.

I too worry that the world will be concerned for a while but then forget, and nothing will change for the better. Today in Calgary there was supposed to be a demonstration in support of the Myanmar people, only a handful of people came. I think people feel an overwhelming feeling of helplessness - both because it's a distant land and because people resign their power in the face of governments and military organizations. Sadly, without a unified action on the part of us regular folks nothing will change. The monks and their actions are an inspiration, I am in awe of their determination and selflessness.

Try to get word out to your family and friends as often as possible, personal stories are what will keep people in the loop after the media sensationalism is gone.
October 7, 2007 at 11:12am