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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Walking up Monserrate

A few weeks ago, the walk up Monserrate opened after being closed for renovation for several years. Most tourists take either the tram or the gondola up, but a nice alternative is to hike. It's about an hour straight up, but is a wide cobblestone path. With the number of people who are now taking it, and the police that are stationed at various points on the trail, it is quite safe. The trailhead is slightly up the hill to the left of the main gondola/tram building, across from the delicious fresh orange juice stands. The views across the skyscrapers of Bogota (is that Taquendama??) are great on a clear day!
The beginning of the trail is already above the main level of Bogota.
Near the top.
At the top.

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MBT said...

your Bogota looks great :)