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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lonely Planet Blue List

Best Rude & Unusual City Names By: lisavitaris - 26 Jan 2006
Condom, France (France)
Since the French word for 'condom' is 'preservatif', no wonder some of these residents have no qualms at all living in a city called 'Condom'. They might have a problem with putting preservatives in jam or other foods though.....

Ass, Ukraine (Ukraine)
You would feel like one everytime an English-speaking person asked you where you come from. Or you could lie.

Sexmoan, Philippines (Pacific)
Sexmoan is located in the province of Pampanga on Luzon, the biggest island of the Philippines. Audio tape to get the tourists rolling in is in the making.....

Rooty Hill, Australia (Sydney)
Shack up with someone at the Rooty Hill RSL and see if the suburb is true to its name.

Wankendorf, Germany (Germany)
Not sure if I would like to admit to living here either.....P.S. This list is so far from complete. There were too many great places to choose from including Intercourse, Humpy Creek, Bald Knob, Kissimmee, Hooker Point, Beaver, etc....

Posted by: Buxz - 29 Jun 2006 Have a look in Southern Germany/Austria, apart from the small towns of Kissing and Petting- there is one other which these two often lead to...

Posted by: hockey19 - 24 Jun 2006 I had a good laugh when driving through the town of Dildo in the Canadian province of Newfoundland.

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Natalya said...

Thought of one I saw this summer. In the Orkneys there was a village called Vulva.