“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I love Australia! The summers are warm, the people are friendly and speak with the right kind of accent. They have the right mentality of life. There is beach everywhere!

So, yes, it does feel a bit like America. And yes, it's flat most of the time. And while the wilderness (bush) is not quite as beautiful as NZ, it still is magnificent.

I wonder why the Australians haven't asked me about my accent. Are they less concious of foreigners? Or is it just that I really have picked up an Aussie accent?

I'm having a glorious time on this beautiful UNE Armidale campus. It reminds me a lot of Beloit, actually, except all the buildings were built in the 60s. It's as isolated and in a similar small town. Similar weather. The grounds are magnificent--all parkland! There's a deer park right in the middle, and as I was driving to dinner last night I bumped into a kangaroo. I know that sounds like the awe of a tourist, but it was still fantastic. He bounded away from the car before I could get a closeup picture. But damn... it was RIGHT on campus!

It's stimulating being in a learning environment (me learning) again. I find it great to hear about new ideas and theories. The University bookshop is cool too! I love thinking about all the things there are to find out about!

Am past half way and will head back on Friday to Brisbane, then to Bangkok on Sunday, hen Myanmar on Monday. I must be crazy to come so far for so short a time. But it's great--almost like a holiday, but yet work.

Photos to follow--I'm really behind. I have Myanmar at Xmas, NZ, and now OZ to do! Oops.


Rama said...

similar weather. Australia and Beloit. You sure you didn't hit your head on something when that kangaroo bounded past? Slammed on the breaks, bumped the noggin on the steering wheel? Or maybe it's just because you were driving on the wrong side of the road, and thus got things confused. Must be it. :)

echobunn said...

Hehe, kangaroos are cool! Don't worry about the accent, I'm one of those damn americans that probably couldn't tell the difference (I'm ashamed to admit this, naturally).

Natalya said...

It really does get cold there! Frosts and all :).