“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

In Medias

I'm back in civilization again.... and after only two days out of it, I really noticed it. I go from one place without email to another one without email!! I'm in this tiny little village where the power goes off for half a day, there are stray dogs everywhere, and I can't speak the language, there's no phone, internet or any shops whatsoever... it sounds too familiar!! We've come to the closest town, Medias for the afternoon mainly for the others to let family know that we're alive!

We had our first "dig" today.... I'm the oldest one in the group...all young North American uni students... a very strange sensation for me, as I'm usually the youngest. The head guy is hilarious... he talks proudly of selling his Canadian passport for $2000 in France, getting court marshalled for swearing at higher ranks in the army, sleeping on park benches, smuggling knives through US customs, etc, etc!!!

The weather's been miserable and I haven't got enough clothes... it's like NZ in mid winter. Hopefully the sun will come out!

Anyway, troops are moving on, so will write more later.

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