“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Romania photos

Here are some travel pics from around Romania. Most of the best ones are on my other camera, but here are some I do have. Unfortunately, they're mostly from the weeks where the weather was bad. Whoever said that no sun made for better pictures? They're wrong!

Here's me standing in a Medias with the fortified church behind me... Yes, the clock tower is on a lean. This church is perpetually closed unfortunately. Medias is the closest decent sized town to us at our dig in Mosna. It takes 2 hours to walk to. Believe me, I checked!

This is the view from the Council Tower in Sibiu, which is the biggest town in our province. You can see the church (which was the center of the oldest form of the city--Hermanstaddt), and then the second city's border. That's not a fish eye lens, but I wish it was.

This is the view from the top of the church tower you can see in the previous picture. They have a beautiful tile arrangement on the roof.

This is the church door of the hilltop church in (oh I forgot the name, I'll get it later and check back to you!) near Sibiu. We ate lunch in a lovely little German style restaurant here after the long walk up to the top of the hill (which had no toilet!!!!)!
This is a typical Saxon home. They were fortified in a way which Romanian homes were not (a big sign of the class differences). Our village has heaps of these quaint homes. They were really long sections that reached all the way up the hills behind where all your crops grew.

This is taken among the ruins at Slimnic, halfway between Sibiu and Medias. It had spectacular views of course, but the best part about this castle church was the little old Romanian guy who lived inside in the open courtyard. He had cats, chickens, goats, and even a fat bunny roaming around inside amongst the grape vines, washing lines and other homey things. Could you have a more perfect place for your house? I want that house!!
This is the view of the village of Slimnic from the fortified church/castle. It looks similar to my village, Mosna (which I don't yet have a picture of to post). But you can see the typical houses, rolling hills and peaceful lifestyle and landscape.


Rama said...

Sibiu has a very large romany population... they're my new topic of research...

Natalya said...

They do... my town of Mosna was mixed, but now is almost 90% Romany.