“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Sunday, October 08, 2006


I love Cambodia! What a wonderful place. I kept thinking that while I rode my "moto" (motorbike taxi) down the street. Having the cool wind running through my hair (without dust, unlike earlier today) and the sun setting behind the riverfront--it was certainly enought to create a great vibe. I loved the people gathering in the square and by the riverfront. It all had an aura of hope and happiness. I think the contrast with Myanmar had a lot to do with it. Where in Myanmar are people allowed to meet and gather socially? They re certainly not allowed in the parks and there is no waterfront save the docks. And sometimes, it seems as if they are not really allowed to be happy either--too much fear pervades and I guess that is absent here. The may not have everything, but they can certainly expect it to come soon! Things are changing here: growing, developping, opening up, etc.

I liked tht I was riding on a moto, just like the locals. And on a motorbike, you are so much more IN it all. Amongst everything. I didn't feel like a rich snob like I would in a taxi. I was among them, their equal. There is no public transport here, else I would have taken it. Too much divides us in Yangon, even amongst the foreigners.


Tomorrow I'm taking the vastly overpriced boat up the Tonle Sap river and lake to Siem Reap. The temples sound truly amazing and I can't wait to explore them.

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