“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Friday, October 06, 2006

In Bangkok

It's been a hectic past few weeks, with grades, social life, tickets, travel planning and generally surviving Myanmar. I cancelled my trip to America for Clore's wedding, so sorry to those who were expecting me. I'm going to Cambodia instead! Am in Bangkok right now. Have spent the day mailing boxes, shopping for flowy sexy Bangkok tourist clothes, eating delicious food that can't be gotten in Myanmar (okay, so I ate Subway... but it was super delicious, and I did have other yummy stuff), and buying stuff I can't get in Myanmar. I think you'd laugh if you saw my shopping list... it's quite random: dessicated coconut (called Chinese coconut on the packet, interestingly enough), blanched almonds, dried cranberries, whole wheat flour, Nestle cream (for NZ onion soup dip, cream cheese, yogurt, dried mangoes, double coated chocolate tim tams (got to love Arnott's!), xmas lights, a new measuring cup, and some fruit--those berries... yuuuuuummmmmmy! I've packed it away to be picked up on my way back through Yangon next week. Even bought myself one of those cooler bags to survive the plane ride. Yay for 24 hour supermarkets that sell ice! This is very important, especially when Air Asia's flights leave at 7am. Yes I am going home to sleep now... yes I am getting up at 4am tomorrow morning. Yes, the new airport is exciting, but it's also too big, too grey (not enough color), and hard to navigate after the familiarlarity of the old one. And no matter how good it may be, it's not all that great at 5am when it's an hour away by cab.

Will keep you posted on Cambodia... and will try and upload some pics while I'm in a censorship-free internet zone.

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