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Friday, October 13, 2006

Photos from Cambodia 3: Angkor Wat

I am now in Angkor Wat . This is one of the apsara (heavenly nymphs) that are all over the temple walls.
This is the ultimate Angkor Wat picture: the domes and layers of the different layers of the Hindu universe. The central one, and of course the highest, would be Mt. Meru. Complete with reflecting pool.
Some more heavenly nymphs, with their unique hairdos and clothing.
The beautiful decorations near a statue of Buddha within Angkor Wat itself.
Here is a closeup of the amazing decorations that line the entire kilometer of the outer wall of the inner temple. They tell stories from the ancient Hindu texts, and also of the kings of Angkor.
There I am, standing on the enormous causeway between the main gate, and the central temple itself.
The climb up to Mt. Meru (highest level of the universe, aka heaven) isn't meant to be easy, and just look at those stairs!

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