“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Friday, June 20, 2008

Cites travelled this summer

I've been on such a whirlwind trip that I've lost count, so thought I'd do a tally. This is where I've gone or am going. I'm not showing off, but I need to get my mind around it!!

Countries entered (passport stamps): (unique 14, total 17) Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, USA, Canada, USA, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Latvia, Belarus, England (& Wales), Azerbaijan

Cities toured (downtown): (unique 19, total 21) Yangon, Bangkok, Manila, Bangkok, Perth, Singapore, Madison, Kenosha, Ottawa, Montreal, Ottawa, Chicago, Dublin, Galway, Basel, Vienna, Riga, Minsk, London, Cardiff, London, Baku

Airports: (unique 17, total 21) Yangon, Bangkok, Manila, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Perth, Singapore, Bangkok, Seoul Incheon, Chicago, Ottawa, Chicago, Dublin, Zurich, Vienna, Riga, Minsk, London Gatwick, Minsk, Baku

This is May 22-Aug 7, 2008... so almost 3 months!!


Natalya said...

Andrea Nickel said on facebook:

Very impressive!! And . . . I'm slightly jealous. So, many places you've seen and such wonderful experiences. It is amazing to think of how big, yet how small the world really is!!

Natalya said...

Just noticed I put Cardiff here... never actually made it there, but did get to Wales.