“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Fourth leg: Singapore

Because of my eternal desire to be thrifty (stingy?), I searched to find tickets as cheap as I could. I thought initially it would be the new startup budget airline, Tiger Airways, based in Bangkok, and at first that looked promising, but then the taxes lumped on top ended up doubling the cost!! Orbitz.com, my new travel advisor friend, had them cheaper and with a faster journey. Still, it wasn't the most direct flight. On the way, I had to go via Hong Kong, and on the way back, I stopped in Singapore. Hong Kong was barely an hour, but Singapore had 16hours!!

I arrived at 8pm and took the very convenient very clean very efficent MRT train into the city (for a whopping cost of $1.50) and stayed at a hostel for the night. Because I'm in reminsice mode, I thought a lot about my first trip there in 1992. It was bloody sticky and hot (and still is, but I just don't notice), and dusty and dirty (but I hadn't seen Manila yet!). Mum and Dad wouldn't recognize it, and of course our beloved 7th Storey Hotel is probably gone with all the glitz and glamour!! High rises are everywhere and it's so manicured and efficient. I feel guilty chewing gum and jaywalking, and where does anyone allow that kind of conscience interfere with living!?!

Off to the airport for a 1pm flight the next day--oh, I looooooooooovvvveee Changi Airport. I need to stop there more often. They just know what people need and want, and give it to them. No charges, no uncomfortable seats. Just free movies, loaned blankets, free wireless, and great shopping!! No lines, no inefficiency, just smooth, comfortable transit.

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