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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dublin 4 - People's Art

Created: 6/29/08

So I've decided that one of my future jobs is going to be as a columnist for a newspaper, and perhaps one of my topics will be something like "Interesting People I Met This Week" or "An Artist I like". This is, of course, very egotistical to assume that anyone would be interested in my opinions (but I have a blog, so I must have already assumed this!) but I just thought it would be an interesting idea, although no doubt, with a limited run. I mean, how many interesting people can I meet? Oh wait, in my life? ...MANY!!!!

This was all inspired by seeing the artist's area around the St. Stephen's Green in Dublin. It's called peoplesart and has some really terrible, but also some really fantastic new ideas, and most of them are Irish! Anyway, I decided that I'm going to promote some of those artists here in my blog, and say, hey tourists, why don't you buy a painting?

I did think it was humorous to hear some of the tourists walking past. One of them asked their companion, "Hey, do you think you could by xxx/so-and-so a painting?" and they shallowly said, "Well, if I did, I think it'd have to have a pub in it." I just decided that that was incredibly idiotic and narrow-minded! Is art dead people?!! Hello!!? The artist is Irish, so it's an authentic souvenir.

Artist 1: Margaret Farnell okay. website doesn't work.... check back later http://www.margaretfarnell.com/,

Pixie Mary Cahalan (dancer) http://www.binbanart.com/searchresults.asp?ArtistID=249

Pamart.ie (thai designs)

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